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Machine Screws


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flat head blind head round head fillister head

The following machine screw head styles are available from stock:

Binding Head Machine Screws

Flat Head Machine Screws

Round Head Machine Screws

Fillister Head Machine Screws

Other screws types are available from Nordex, Inc. Including captive screws, seal screws, set screws, socket head, cap screws and shoulder screws. Additional information can be found in section D of the Nordex Design Guide. You are welcome to purchase directly from the Nordex E-Commerce Website.

Additionally, Nordex, Inc. offers stainless steel hexagon nuts, plain washers, lock washers, as well as bellville washers, and curved washers.

Nordex offers an extensive inventory of Machine Screws in 18-8 Stainless Steel.

Inch sizes 0-80 to 1/4-20 threads
Metric sizes M1,6 to M10 threads

These screws have a class 2A thread, available in metric and inch sizes.

Please inquire for unlisted sizes.

Machine Screws

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PDF Files

Stainless Steel Inch & Metric sizes 17D - 18D
Locking Machine Screws 19D
Fastener Assortment Kits 20D - 22D
Stainless Threaded Stock Inch 23D
Integral Seal Screws Inch/Metric 24D
Socket Head Screws Inch
Socket Head Screws Metric
Button Head Socket Scews Inch
Button Head Socket Screws Metric
Nylon Screws Inch
Nylon Screws Metric

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